We believe Exeter has a unique opportunity, the resources and the moral obligation, founded on knowledge and goodness, to reimagine its mission in light of the challenge of ACD. The resources listed below focus more on the failure of humans to respond to the mass extinction event they are creating than on the science of ACD. We encourage you to educate yourself and to weigh in on how Exeter can most effectively participate in meeting this challenge.


In addition to Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything…”


(Introduction: This Changes Everything)


and George Marshall’s “Don’t Even Think About it…”




and Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History”


and Clive Hamilton’s “Requiem for a Species.”


read Margaret Atwood’s “It’s not Climate Change, it’s Everything Change

Read also the World Bank’s Commentary: Turn Down the Heat, which discusses the challenges of a 4°C (above pre-industrial levels) temperature change. The International Energy Agency has identified two likely future scenarios, which they call 4DS and 6DS, meaning 4 Degree and 6 Degree Scenario, both of which are considered both likely and catastrophic. See the Regenerative Society wiki created by the Center for Planetary Culture for a comprehensive conversation on Anthropocentric Climate Disruption (ACD); in general, virtually no one wants to talk either the science or the consequences of these projections.