ESI emerged as a nascent organization in the summer of 2013; see About Us for the story of our origin, current board members, our goals and mission. As of summer 2015, we have:

  • produced a Founding Declaration,
  • created this web site,
  • established an email outreach list of over 100 alums from various classes and solicited their support in achieving our goals,
  • participated in outreach to the Academy and alums through engagement in the 2014 and 2015 reunions,
  • met with interested faculty,
  • sent a letter to the committee charged with finding a new Headmaster,
  • had several meetings with the PEA administration,
  • created committees to deal with communications, institutional outreach, fundraising and campaigns,
  • sent a letter to the new Headmaster Lisa McFarlane
  • reached out to our supporters with the ESI Newsletter Dec 2015

We need your support. Please visit the Take Action tab to contact us, sign up to our mailing list and in the process let us know what skills and support you can offer us, and the Academy, in taking positive, meaningful, immediate and effective steps toward advancing the conversations and the changes that are needed.


Separately, one board member has developed a vision that integrates many of the goals we have developed into a comprehensive and bold initiative that would dramatically advance the Academy’s participation in sustainability. Known as ExE, for Energy and Environmental Learning Center, the project is an example of the kind of proactive and appropriate leadership that ESI hopes to inspire in all aspects of the Exeter experience and community. Details on the project are available for download: click ExE Vision.