PEA Environmental Mission Statement

May 2004

Phillips Exeter Academy must be committed to stewardship of the environment. Recognizing we are all but one small part of the natural world, we must value, protect, preserve, and replenish natural resources. While our actions are local, our reach is global.

We must foster a culture of environmental awareness, which should be integral to our community in all venues of daily life, on and off campus—where we learn, where we work, where we live, and where we play. In practice, we need to respect our environment, recycle, and reduce our consumption to ensure that the natural resources we treasure are preserved and sustained for the future.

As an institution, our priorities, decisions, and actions will be informed by their environmental impact. We should pay particular attention to the use of our land, the construction and renovation of our facilities, our consumption of energy and other resources, and our choices of transportation.

The Academy must educate our entire community about environmental issues and sound environmental practices. To address that part of the Academy’s mission that seeks to graduate young people “whose interest in others and the world around them surpasses their self concern,” we must be vigilant in our efforts to prepare future generations for stewardship of the environment.