About Us

On the occasion of planning the 50th Reunion of the class of 1963 in May of 2013, a ’63 classmate, Joe Symons, gave a talk on climate change and PEA’s opportunity to address this challenge. The presentation, attended by classmates, students, faculty and administration, led to spontaneously-organized conversations with members of the class of ’63, their wives and partners, faculty, student body, staff, and administration. It was immediately evident that interest and concern were almost universally shared among the participants, and that more needed to be done.  Since Exeter, in 2004, had adopted an ambitious and forward-looking position on the environment, it was well positioned to bring about a larger and more sweeping change commensurate with the challenge.

Today, environmental conditions on Earth appear more precarious than ever.  All aspects of our civilization are under threat from the specter of a much harsher and more unstable planet than we have enjoyed in the past. In response,  the Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI), serves to engage all segments of the PEA community to accelerate an appropriate response.

We invite you as alumna/alumnus, students, faculty, parents, Trustees, and administrators to join this effort.  Together we take purposeful action to help PEA prepare its students, as informed future leaders of their communities around the globe, to make the difficult decisions they will face in a changing world, and to do so with knowledge tempered by goodness, in the spirit of non-sibi.

We support the Academy’s faculty and administration to conceive and develop an enhanced curriculum that discusses environmental challenges and seeks to best prepare future generations of Exeter students for the resulting leadership challenges they will face.  Many PEA alumna/alumnus have substantive experience in science, technology, energy, law, communications, investment, and social initiatives that they may eagerly bring to the Harkness table in support of this initiative.

We hope you will join us to contribute in ways most meaningful to you—your wisdom, energy, expertise and goodness are as valuable as your financial support.