Dear member of the Exeter community,

We are Exeter alumna/alumnus who are urging the greater Exeter community to join us in supporting and expanding the implementation of the school’s 2004 Environmental Mission Statement.

We applaud the steps that Exeter has already taken and continues to take to reduce the school’s environmental impact. Yet a decade has passed since 2004 and the global environmental crises, particularly those impacted by climate change, are unprecedented, profound, and growing faster than anyone anticipated.  As a result, all of us must embrace more urgent action.

Exeter has the opportunity, as well as the responsibility, to take a leadership position by more thoroughly integrating sustainable practices and philosophy throughout its curriculum, infrastructure and ethos.  The Academy’s challenge is to prepare its students to make the difficult and transformative environmental, economic and socio-political choices required to achieve a sustainable future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Collectively, the extended Exeter community—especially faculty, alumna/alumnus and parents—has centuries of combined experience, insight, and wisdom to contribute to this challenge. We invite you to join our effort, share your talents, your passion, and express your own views on how we can best support Exeter in these critical tasks.

Please explore our website . Contribute your views on the role of alumi/ae in nudging Exeter forward.  Sign your name in support of the ESI-Exeter Founding Declaration. Work with us in a group of your choice, addressing a specific goal or project.

Come learn with us.  In the spirit of non sibi, we seek to take on meaningful goals and decisive actions, informed by the principles of knowledge and goodness.

We are starting, eyes wide open, with what we know today. We are doing what we can to chart a better future for our children and the biosphere as a whole. We have every reason to believe that, collectively, we will offer much more than the sum of our parts


The ESI-Exeter Working Group

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